Malaysian dialect map

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Malaysian dialect map

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I've been looking for a Chinese dialect map of Malaysia, and came across this: ... 44&rog3=MY

Does anyone know a better source? It would be nice to know where Hokkien ends and Cantonese begins, which towns are Teochew and Hokchiu, and to see the spread of dialects in East Malaysia.
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Re: Malaysian dialect map

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Thanks for sharing this information.

I did a research on the subject of why people in different parts of the Malay peninsula speak different Chinese dialect, i.e. Penang Hokkien, southern Hokkien, Cantonese, Baba Malay, etc., and based on my research, came up with a hypothesis, which I'd like to share with you right here: ... insula.htm

Hope you enjoy reading it!
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Re: Malaysian dialect map

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It is explained in detail in the dominant languages by regions section ... by_regions