Sino-Tibetan languages grammar

Discussions on the Hokkien (Minnan) language.
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Sino-Tibetan languages grammar

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All Sino-Tibetan languages are mostly Subject-Object-Verb sequence except for a few simplest of sentences like 'I love you'.我愛你

The correct grammar for 'I will help you' is 'Gua ka li tau kha chiu'. 我佮你 湊 骹手 and not 'Gua tau kha chiu li'.

The Hokkien in Malaysia and Singapore are heavily corrupted and impure because of the mixture and influence from many languages i.e. English, Malay so it shouldn't be considered proper grammar.

Verb+object order in Malaysia is due to influence from Malay and English which has subject+verb+object sequence. It's just like saying English using Chinese grammar eg. 'You tomorrow go there' which is wrong.
In this case, saying Hokkien using English grammar.

The Hokkien in Taiwan and China are purer without the mixture