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Andrew Yong


Postby Andrew Yong » Sat Aug 16, 2003 3:12 pm

Does anyone know how an2-ne1 (so, like that) is written? It is similar to Hakka an2 / an2-ngiong4.

It is not in Douglas/Campbell.



Re: An-ne

Postby Niuc » Sun Aug 17, 2003 3:17 pm

'an2-ne1' (Penang accent) is 'an3 ni1' 按尼 in Douglas (page 5). In 廈門方言詞典 it's 'an1 ni1' 安尼.



Re: An-ne

Postby wei » Sun Aug 17, 2003 6:17 pm

how to write "nia" which mean "only"??


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Postby kaiah » Sun Aug 17, 2003 10:43 pm

"nia7 (nia7)" or "nia5" in some Taiwanese articles is written in 耳(耳) or 爾(爾).
eg. An2-ne1 nia5.(按呢耳 or 按呢爾.....such only?)


Andrew Yong

Re: An-ne

Postby Andrew Yong » Mon Aug 18, 2003 12:48 am

1. I found one post on which gives another:

In 論語: 不知老之將至, 云爾. You may wonder what "云爾" means. For Hoklo-speaking people, it is easy to understand 云爾 is pronounced "An-Ni" which means "如此". It is commonly used at the end of sentence, sometimes as "口頭語."

2. Hakka sources use 恁 for Hakka an3.

3. Another article on ... ah-oat.htm has this:

alnne [an2 ne1]
alnni [an2 ni1] = 這樣 = this way.

(Note: Douglas and Barclay gives [an3 ni1] for the tones in
Amoy.) Possibly related to proto-Austro-Tai *[i]ney = "this,
here". The Formosan cognates for "this, here" includes *(i)ni,
*m/ini, *ini/a, *d/ini. Indonesian/Malay ini. Cantonese ni53
as in ni53 ko33 = "this one", Hakka li31 as in li31 kE42 = "this
one". Tai *ni, *nay. Benedict in his article in Austroasiatic Studies
(1976) quoted Austroasiatic cognate *ni/ne for "this". Hakka has
an-ngiong for "this way". Miao-Yao languages seem to have
more direct links to Hoklo for this word. Miao has "this way
(這麼)" = E 5 noN 3, nAN1 nen 3 7, ?ua 5 na 3, a 5 li 5ni 3,
Yao has hau 6 nau 3 6, naN 3 no 2. See also alnznuah.

alnznuah [an2 choahn 4] = 怎麼 = how.

Miao noN 1 tCi 1, ?ua 5 dzoN 4, a 5 li 6 tzaw5. See also alnne.

4. I personally find 按尼 and 安尼 implausible. To me the match between Hokkien an-ne and Hakka an seems very firm. But I am not sure it is Chinese; on or am maybe, but an isn't a typical Hakka word. Perhaps it is borrowed from huan1-a2 oa7.

5. Douglas gives 但 na*3 (only), but no nia*.

6. How does one write an2-tsoa*2?


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Re: An-ne

Postby andrew_yong » Mon Aug 18, 2003 1:05 am

Douglas gives tsoa*2 =Amoy tsai*2 as 怎

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